I will be talking about random stuff and recommending music!

  • Back to normal?
    Things are slowly getting back to normal but how normal will it feel? I have a theory that things will never be the same for at least the never 3 years or so. When I watch movies that were filmed BC (before COVID) and I see large crowds of people and friends kissing and hugging […]
  • Back again!
    I was away from the blog again. I did not feel like I had anything interesting to write so I decided not to write anymore nonsense lol. Okay, seriously, I do nothing other than homework and go to work so it is not like there’s anything to write about. Stay at home order has been […]
  • Away from the blog again!
    Today the stay at home order is lifted up for the state where I live but it stil feels like a long time until we go back to “normal”. I was not extremely busy but I had lots of homework to do and went to work a couple times. I am soooooo ready to go […]