I will be talking about random stuff and recommending music!

  • Away from the blog again!
    Today the stay at home order is lifted up for the state where I live but it stil feels like a long time until we go back to “normal”. I was not extremely busy but I had lots of homework to do and went to work a couple times. I am soooooo ready to go […]
  • Started hiking again!
    I felt very hopeful today and decided to try hiking again. If you didn’t read my past post, I sprained my ankle while walking about a week and a half ago. Have been wearing an ankle compression sock sort of and I thought I could at least try to do half of what I was […]
  • Song of today…
    Recommending a song of the day really helps me when I do not have a lot to write… Here ya go 😉 This song is by Chilean singer Javiera Mena. She is one of my favorite singers.